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At CONTEXT DESIGN, we believe possessing accurate knowledge and awareness of art allows our clients to make informed decisions without being swayed by trends, passing fads and disposable decor.

If we understand the CONTEXT of art – its basic principals of design, construction, origin and history - we then learn to appreciate a piece’s genuine value and relevance as well as possess a greater understanding as to how best to create innovative and unique living spaces where lifestyle standards have not been compromised, budgets have not been stretched and integrity or substance haven’t been sacrificed.

A sensitive and informed engagement with a work of art will be cognizant of its originating context in all its complexity, and at Context Design, we believe that focusing on the craft, content, and context of art enables us to follow an inductive approach and to understand and engage with art in a more satisfying and comprehensive way.

There are no boundaries or rules to determine what is right or what is wrong for you. Yet knowing how to identify authentic originals from copies, knock offs from period pieces, or centennial or revival interpretations should be understood and put in context.