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Brian Knapp

He is equal parts historian, purveyor of rare & authentic antiques, and educator in the “beautiful, yet sorely misunderstood” world of fine art.

A veteran of the antiquing industry, Knapp has been buying and selling across North America and abroad for more than forty years. He has cultivated exclusive relationships with an array of reputable antiques dealers, top collectors and at auction houses or international art shows.

Knapp’s expertise includes the sourcing of antiques and decorative art to suit personal requests as well as providing art-related services including appraisals, restoration, transportation, staging, selling, and placement. In addition, Knapp is regularly called upon to act as agent on behalf of some of Canada's top collectors.

What’s most distinguishing about Knapp is his unrelenting effort toward providing clients with an education about the antiques & art industry as well as operate under one house as a comprehensive art-service provider. His goal for Context Design is to provide a one-stop experience to fulfill all art-related needs.

Brian Knapp is member of the Canadian Appraisers Association, the CPPA Canadian Professional Property Appraisers, and a member of the Canadian Antiques Dealers Association. He also lectures for a number of Antique Collecting Societies or clubs.