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About Us

CONTEXT DESIGN is a concept that embodies quality, authenticity and value.

Medieval to modern is what we sell, literally.

From 15
th century artifacts to 1960s modern art to postmodern contemporary works, we recognize the timeless quality of our material past. It’s our mission to collect, conserve, and enjoy living with the very best of what yesterday and today’s artisans have to offer.

Understanding a material’s origin, its history and the significance of its design has always been a part of our work. Considerate of how design trends affect the way we live, how we view our world and how we appreciate art - we make every effort to accurately document and describe everything we sell and represent.

Inside our Toronto showroom, we’ve created a resource destination; one of value for our clients that provides an oasis of alternative ideas, authentic materials each possessing historical, cultural and monetary value, and ultimately, design inspiration. Our goal is to provide a one-stop experience to fulfill all your design-related needs as well as a place where like-minded individuals may come to meet, share and appreciate the context of authentic art.

At Context Design, our focus is on providing an unparalleled level of integrity, education, and a superior collection of antiques and fine art for the Canadian marketplace.